This is for all the ladies… You know when you are about to remove the nailpolish right? The mess it creates with all the cotton pads, remover spilling over something valuable (that might be just me though…) and fingers stained with that pretty red colour you used a few days before, now impossible to get rid of? I have the solution for you, as always. Depend does their dip-in nail polish remover and it is a miracle tool worthy of that label. Inside it there is a simple washing sponge with a hole in the middle. All you have to do is dip your finger in it, stir a bit and Voila! the nail polish is all gone. I swear by this one, and it costs a mere 65 SEK, (about 6£) so you dont even have to empty your purse for it.

Sorry for the absense btw, The English Blonde and I will get better.


I have my friend’s wedding coming up (Okay, it’s next May) and I want to get the dress sorted well in advance before I start uni and forget everything. I found a cute little blue number at that I thought about wearing with my Louboutins and an oversized patent black clutch….thoughts and suggestions mucho appreciated!

Everyone loves a designer label but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can afford the ridiculous price tag that accompanies those lust-after items. I fell in love with a dress by Fendi recently but, considering I’m a lowly student with no job, the £1010 price tag just a little *cough* lot *cough* out of my price range. I’d probably have to sell my car to buy it! But, the fashion beauties at have a very similar dress to the Fendi one that is a smidge of the price and comes in a cherry red as well as the generic nude (I chose the cherry red).

So what do you think? Highstreet vs Designer…who won?

Vogue put Cameron Diaz in a simply gooorgeous paillette jacket in their july issue, and since I am so nice, I have found something similar for a little less cash. Swedish brand Wera does this cute number for 399 SEK!

Because I love glitter so much

Maxi dresses have been a summer wardrobe essential for the past few years and 2010 is no exception, especially as the UK and mainland Europe are set for ‘an ice-cream summer’ according to the Met Office, although their predictions tend to be far wide of the actual forecast. Anyway, enough English weather grumbling, back to fashion! Ah yes, the maxi dress…summer staple to celebs and civilians alike. I’m on the prowl for an awesome maxi dress suitably versatile for both day and night-time, on holiday or scouring the high streets for the next trend.

I’ve found that Miso at do some wonderful maxi dresses in a variety of prints.

Sorry! We know we’ve been bad blondes recently what with the lack of blogging or general activity on here but due to TSB’s illness and TEB’s exam revision, we’ve both been a little preoccupied 😦 However, we’re slowly going to get back into the swing of things but don’t expect new stuff everyday, we’re a little out of habit at the moment.

In the mean time anyway, I’ll restart the blogging and hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Thanks for being patient! The English Blonde xoxox

Ok, so maybe sat at home in front of the TV this summer is not the best place to look glamorous in a Vera Wang dress with a pair of Jimmy Choos, but there’s no reason we can’t wear our teams colours with pride and look good! Instead of just wearing the team shirt (so Euro 2008), Two Halves have created some tops for us to support our lads. So far there are only Italy, Brazil and England tops but I’m sure they’ll be bringing out some more as there are way more than 3 teams in the World Cup.

WAGs are often at the forefront of fashion nowadays due to their better-halves having rather enviable credit ratings, and Alex Curran likes to head the WAG fashion pack, getting the best clothes and sporting the hottest trends before any of her WAG buddies. No exception here then, Alex was seen wearing the Balmain Military Canvas Jacket (worth £2920) the other day so naturally, all the other WAGs follow suit, this time in the form of Jane Given who was spotted wearing the exact same jacket yesterday. Same jacket, but who wore it best? I’m going with Alex because she’s done the utility chic trend and is now moving on to incorporating her pieces into less statement-esque outfits by teaming the jacket with a pair of skinnies, flats and some cute aviators. I think Jane went overkill on the military theme but it does look like she’s only just cottoned on to it so thumbs up for trying love, but don’t give up your day job! Also, go get your hair done…being Alex Curran’s body double is not a career.

Today’s shoe is a little bit of leather magic by Giuseppe Zanotti. They may cost £670 but they’re the perfect addition to a holiday wardrobe and can easily be incorporated into a range of outfits be it a dinner date or a night out with the girls.

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